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Static image loading on target recognition

Static image loading on target recognition


What I want to do is show a static image when it recognizes a target image. When I say static image, I mean the image should be displayed on screen as is, and should not rotate/skew/tilt/change orientation as the camera moves around and the camera angle to the target object changes.

In other words, the app should display a consistent image even if the target object is viewed from any angle.

Is that possible with Wikitude ?



Please check our snap-2-screen samples which show how you can display an augmentation directly on screen.



Thanks Nicola .. I was able to achieve what i was looking for.  Perfect !    Here's the snippet for future reference...


onEnterFieldOfVision: function onEnterFieldOfVisionFn() {

        World.pageOne.snapToScreen.enabled = true;


onExitFieldOfVision: function onExitFieldOfVisionFn() {

        World.pageOne.snapToScreen.enabled = false;


snapToScreen: {



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