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Change the tracker

Change the tracker



There is another option to use
After placing the models on the screen using the extended tracking.
Can I keep the an animated 3D model in it's current position and stop traking the image ?
For the same reason as the previous post, to give the user the freedom to see the model from all sides.

Thank you.

Easiest way is using "snap to screen"-feature, as shown in the samples application. That way user can use gestures to see the objects from different angles.

Thank you very much for your reply


You mean the 3D car sample, right ?
I saw it before, but I as it's snap to the screen then the only way to move it around is using the touch screen am I right ?


Also, I can add it with the extended tracking sample methods ?

enableExtendedTracking: true,
onExtendedTrackingQualityChanged: function (targetName, oldTrackingQuality, newTrackingQuality){

Because when I put them together the sample only show " loading " and nothing more after it.

Thank you again

It worked well

Thank you for your support



I have an idea but I didn't find any details about if it possible or not.
Dose wikitude allow changing the traker in the middle of the app ?

This is the use case of the process:

-Use the extended tracking.
-Render the 3D model " model 1 "depending on the image.
-Render a 3D model " model 2 " on the current user location.
-Make model 1 relative to model 2

The benifit of this idea is to give the user more space to walk around model 1.

Is it possible to build such an idea ? and what I might need for that using the JS SDK.
Thank you.
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