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Issues with clickable ImageDrawables

Issues with clickable ImageDrawables

Recently I started preparing a sample application for a project with wikitude and 3D models.
I've added 2 x 3 buttons (AR.ImageDrawable) next to the tracker, on which a 3D model is displayed (AR.Model object).
The buttons are used to switch between the different 3D models (loaded with add/removeCamdrawable).
Using Wikitude SDK 5.1.1 in an Android App (on Android 5.1.1). So far, so good.

It seems that some buttons are not clickable (no onClick event fired).
No onClick event is triggered (logger debug message at the begining of the function).
It depends heavily on the current camera view. The view angle and the distance to tracker image.
The buttons are not "small" in comparison with the tracker image in the view (about 1/4 in height).

Does the 3D model affects the event handling or the queuing of the onclick events?
Any suggestions how to debug the handling of the onclick event there?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Marc,
Do I understand you correctly that you can click the buttons if you look e.g. straight from the top on your target but not if you look at it from a small angle?
Do these buttons, 3d models overlapp? 

Could you send us a video where we can see what you are doing/what is not working or a demo project where we can reproduce the behaviour?

Best regards

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