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Location with tracking features

Location with tracking features



I have an idea to implement but I want to know if Wikitude have the needed features to do that.

I want to build an animated 3D scenes depending on the user location. The problem is the location looks not enough to build a stable scene and I can't control the height of the scene " I want it to be on the ground ". So, I thought of a computer vision solution, after detecting the user location, the application should recognize one of the main object in the camera view, and the 3D scene should be related to it.

Is that possible ? Either with the native or the JS SDK ? or is there a better solution using the location only ?


I'm new to AR and I spend about a month on the document but I couldn't find the best way to do that. so, I need some guide please.

Hi Mia,
As far as I understand your use case, the Wikitude Native SDK with or without our Unity plugin should work fine for you. The JS SDK does currently not include 3d tracking.
Please have a look at the 3d tracking example in our example application to see if it works for you. Based on the complexity of your augmentations, I would use the Unity Plugin so that you can render some nice augmentations.

Best regards


Thank you for the quick reply I appretiate that.


So, according to what I understood, I should use both JS and native
where the JS use the location features and the native use the 3D tracking ?

if that's correct, then in the native I can specify the object details ? I don't know if it's ok to add this video, but my idea is very close to this
but I want it to be animated not 1 model.

I tried the 3D tracking example, but after I get the "good quality" and stop recording, the square lines won't be fixed to the same tracked image.


Thank you again for the support.

Hi Mia,
You misunderstood me. The JS SDK is definetly not what you are looking for as it does not support 3d tracking. 

The Native SDK does not include any location handling, but you shouldn't have so much problems implementing that by your own.
When using the Native SDK without Unity, you need to take care about rendering augmentations. Unity would help you much, but I'm not sure if they provide you with location information.

Regarding the example: Did you try the 3d tracking example or did you use the tracking map recording functionality? In case you used the example, it should track if you don't move the device to fast.

Best regards


I see, sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll check the Native SDK and test it then.


For the example, I'll try that again too.

Thank you so much for your help.
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