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Radar direction

Radar direction

I have noticed that from the radar samples that the direction in which the radar determines the device is facing is based upon if the device is held with the screen facing the user.

I would like the functionality that the radar offers, but the user using it on a flat surface, like most compass apps work, whereby the "top" of the device is where device is pointing.

I am guessing you are having to calculate the direction and then +90 degrees to then determine the users direction.

Is there a way to override or handle the direction that the radar beleives to be facing?

Hi Luke,

I just tried with the sample app - 1x holding the device up, 1x holding the device against the floor, and the radar always showed in the same direction. Can you please send a video showing the 2 different behviours, to understand the problem you're facing better?

Thx and greetings


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