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AR.Label blurry text if text is long

AR.Label blurry text if text is long

Is this in any recent build, yet?


No it's not in one of the latest releases. It will be included in one of our next major releases.



I am displaying a bunch of POIs with a description attached to them, using AR.Label.

I have noticed that for POIs with a long description the text gets very blurred, but for text with a short description the text is fine.

I have noticed that it gets worse as the text gets longer 

Hi Luke,
Your observation is absolutely right. The current implementation of AR.Label tries to render all text in a single texture. So the more text has to be rendered, the smaller the font size has to be in order to fit all the text into the texture. This then results in blurry text as the texture is scaled up to the desired drawable size.

You could try to use multiple AR.Labels and split your description in multiple sections.

Best regards


Is there going to be any furture update which may fix this issue?

I can't give you any details yet, but it should be included in our next major update.

Best regards

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