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__stopContinuouRecognitionInternally__ error

__stopContinuouRecognitionInternally__ error


We are using Wikitude cordova plugin 4.1 and I found one bug in cloud tracker in Android.

I got "__stopContinuouRecognitionInternally__" error so I checked wikitudesdk.jar's architect.js file and found this problem.

The inside function name is not matched correctly like this.

__stopContinuousRecognitionInternally__ : __stopContinuouRecognitionInternally__


this.__stopContinuousRecognitionInternally__ = function() {

   for(;h.length;) clearInterval(h.pop())



this.stopContinuousRecognition = function() {





Could you fix this bug ASAP?


Thank you.

Hi Joshua,
Thx for point that out! We fixed it already and release a new version of our SDK early next week.

Best regards

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