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Animations in wikitude studio

Animations in wikitude studio

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Thanks, that's what I needed!

Hi Pavel,

If you need to have 3D animations even before this feature will be included in the new Studio, you'll need to implment the AR experinece manually by using html technologies. Please check here to find details on how to use animations.



There is code in your Documentation Wikitude SDK Studio page on how to run 3d-animation

Does it mean I can only build my APK or deploy it on iOS without Wikitude Studio? (for example from Unity)

My client wants to see 3d-animation via your App on mobile. How to achieve that?

Thank you for the quick answer!

Waiting for the new releases.


Hi Javier

Thank's for your post! We are working on a new version of studio. The new version will be able to render the geometry with the proper scale. Unfortunately animations will not be supported in the initial release, but we will constantly work on the new version so you will see regular improvements after the first release.

Best Regards,

Hi! a newbie here,

Is there a way to insert a wt3 file of a single mesh animated into wikitude studio and preview it with the animation?

Thanks! And thanks for developing such a great programs!

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