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Image Recognition

Image Recognition

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Hi Sergio,
I'm a bit confused which kind of tracking you are using. You mention .wtc files which are used for 2d tracking as well as 3D tracking where .wtm files are used. In which technology are you interested or which kind of objects should be recognized?

When using 3D tracking, the trackingMapRecordingQualityChanged method is called when recording a .wtm file. This would be the teachers step. Once he clicks 'stop recording', the onFinishedSavingTrackingMap is called to inform you that the recording session was saved successfully. After he recorded a map, the application that is used by the students, needs to load the .wtm file. Both of the previously mentioned methods are then not called anymore, because no .wtm file recording is active when students try to find the target.

If you are interested in 2D tracking (.wtc files), also none of the above mentioned methods are called since they are not related to 3D tracking.

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I am doing my final project of the career. The project is about to recognize with your mobile phone a place that your teacher has done a photo before, so the kids has to go to the same place and with the phone try to recognize the same as their teacher.

Im trying to do it with the client recognition of the native API for android, and i am following the tutorial that wikitude has for 3D tracking. After i finished the following tutorial when i start recording in addition that the recording quality never change to "average" or more than "bad" i dont know if i am doing well. I put as the client3Dtracker a .wtc that i upload before to my own server, and when i start recording with the app the same object that i have in the .wtc the methods:

* onTrackingMapRecordingQualityChanged

* onFinishedSavingTrackingMap

So i would appreciate if u could help me, im a bit stuck.
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