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Image Recognition

Image Recognition

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About your question, i am the one who code the apps. I dont know yet, if i will do one app with a sign in part to recognize the role of the person who sign or it will be two different applications.

Yeah it helps me, i will try this days, if i have any question i will ask here.


I have the same problem as him only the onTrackerFinishedLoading is called and iam using the sample and put the map into the assets and changed that line in internal rendering any help please


ClientTracker tracker = _wikitudeSDK.getTrackerManager().create3dClientTracker("file:///android_asset/soha.wtm");


Hi soha,
If the onTargetRecognized trigger is not called, the map might not include enough information to recognize the object again. What was the map quality indicator saying when you record the map?
Could you send us a video so that we see what map you recorded and under which conditions you try to recognize it again?

Best regards

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