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OnErrorLoading : Internet

OnErrorLoading : Internet


Im student and im doing my final project of the degree. Im doing image recognition in 2D with the Native API, im following this instructions of the official native api documentation ( only until 2D recognition. 

When i lunch the application to my mobile, the debugger of Android Studio show me this message:

01-27 17:34:54.845  24894-24920/com.example.sergio.tfg_augmentedr E/Error? onErrorLoading - Your Internet connection appears to be

And tried with WiFi and with my own mobile internet data and always give me the same error, if someone can help me i would appreciate it too much. If you need more info about the problem just write here.


Hi Sergio,
Do you have your .wtc file on a remote server or packaged within the Android application?

Best regards


It finally works if i upload the .wtc to my ftp server and in the method to create tracker, i put the http direction of the place where i uploaded the file.

But for my application, i want to store it on the mobile phone, what should i write in this method to read the file from the mobile phone?

Hi Sergio,
for .wtc files that are part of the application bundle, use the relative path, starting from the .html file that was loaded from our SDK.

Best regards

hello. i've the same problem with android native api. i've used local wtc in assets folder (
); someone help me?


Hello Marco,

Please make sure that you use the absolute path of the location of your image in brackets, like

this.targetCollectionResource = new AR.TargetCollectionResource("assets/", { });



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