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Exit the architect when an image is recognised

Exit the architect when an image is recognised


I've got a very particular use for this - does anyone know if it's possible.

My app runs on Android and iOS and is built using Xamarin Forms, though what I'm after probably applies to anything.

I have a series of trigger images, some have videos, some don't. The ones with videos are triggering them fine, so now for the hard part - the ones that don't.

The spec I have for the app says that if a trigger is hit and a video is not available that the architectView has to be stopped and a particular view be shown (in this case, it's for a brand of toothpaste). Is there a way that this can be achieved? The only thing I can think of is some sort of event or call back being triggered from within the architectView that the launcher listens into.

Help or advice would be appreciated.


Hi Paul,
You can do this very easily. 

In you Architect World:
call 'document.location = architectsdk://*i_want_to_react_to_a_certain_event*' (the string afterwards can be anything) when you detect a image target where no video is available for.

In your Xamarin application:
implement the WTArchitectViewDelegate method 'InvokedURL' (iOS) or ArchitectView.ArchitectUrlListener 'urlWasInvoked' (Android). The parameter to this function is the URL that was used when calling document.location in your ArchitectView. Parse the URL to decide what to do and then do the appropriate steps in C# to dismiss the Architect View.

You can also have a look at our example 'Browsing Pois - Capture screen' which is available in the iOS and Android example application.

Best regards

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