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Destroy() Tracker/ImageResource/ImageDrawable/Trackable2DObject

Destroy() Tracker/ImageResource/ImageDrawable/Trackable2DObject


I've been looking over the docs to work out the best way to clear an AR scene when a new tracker is created.

Each resource in the following list (which appears to be a typical flow for IR/2D overlays) has it's own destroy() method.


create new tracker 

create image resource/s

create image drawable using image resource

add to trackable 2D object so it can be seen in the camera

Which elements should be destroyed and which calls to destroy() will automatically destroy() it's children?

I would like to use the most optimal method to ensure all objects are cleaned up properly.

I'm just learning the ARchitect system so any help from experienced hands would keep me on track.



Hi Paul,
You should first remove the drawables from your trackable object and then destroy them. After that, you can destroy the trackable and tracker object.

Best regards


Perfect answer, thank you Andreas
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