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3D tracking performance

3D tracking performance



my name is Kai Elbers. I am a project engineer for virtual and augmented reality. Currently we try to realize a project in which we want to add virtual content and text to a small sized rigid environment ( about 2 meter in width ) without markers. Our research lead us to the wikitude SDK 3D Tracking. It seems to have all the features we need. To check the performance, we tried the 3D tracking in the example app, but the frame which is overlayed doesn?t show up close to the detected feature points. Therefore we cannot evaluate, if the tracking is stable enough for our purpose.

We also tried to use the Unity Plugin, but there seems to be no 3D tracking implemented up to now.

Does anyone know if there an easy way to render an example geometry like a cube more close to the detected feature points using the native SDK in Android or in general a better way to check the 3dTracking?


Regards, Kai

Hi Kai,
Don't let you confuse too much from the feature points we draw. They appear not only where we recognized the initial scene but also where we temporarily detect new points and reject later. 

It is correct that our Unity Plugin currently does not contain the 3d tracking components. We will enable them soon (Unfortunately I can't name any specific date at the moment).

You can use our native SDK to draw anything you want in OpenGL ES 2. You get the all required matrices from our native SDK. Please refer to the example application on how to do so.

If you want to get more information about our 3d tracking, please send a mail to


Best regards


Hi Andreas,


thanks for your response. It would be great to have the 3D tracking option in Unity and to get some more information about the 3D tracking. I will sent you an email.

We tried the 3D tracking some more times now in different environments and it seems like the rectangle does mostly not show up at all. The device we use is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with Android 5.1.1. The same Issue we had on a Nexus 7 Tablet. As we debugged the code of the example application we considered the glDrawElements() method in is the one, which draws the rectangle on the screen everytime the "Target" is tracked. We checked, if the 3D tracking example jumps into that function and it works, but it also jumps into that function, if we focus the camera somewhere remote of the recorded map. Anyway the rectangle still didnt show up.

Is the rectangle meant to be shown all the time or only when there is a tracking? The tracking map we recorded was green by the way. 

Thanks and Regards, Kai



Hi Kai,
The rectangle should only be drawn when the target is recognized. Do you use the latest version of our Native SDK?

Best regards


We installed Wikitude SDK Native API 1.2.0 Release Date: 01.12.2015.

The "Simple" tracking example works well by the way. It draws the rectangle on to the right spot. Also the function GLES20.glDrawElements() is only executed when an image is tracked.


That sounds all very good ;)

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