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Unity - Issues with Wikitude's plane setting for 3D models

Unity - Issues with Wikitude's plane setting for 3D models



I have a simple touch-dragging script on my model that displays once a marker is tracked, and it allows you to drag around a model on the X & Z axis (Y omitted so it doesn't float around). This script works in other project/AR plug-in builds and in the editor, but with Wikitude, dragging the model around makes the model go "into" the marker instead of along the Z axis, i.e. marker scanned on flat plane, and the model should move back and forth on a flat plane when dragged, but it instead looks like it's going on some arbitrary angled plane. 


Does the tracking not set a plane in-line/parallel to the flat marker with Wikitude? 

I can provide an example scene if necessary. The TL;DR is that it seems like Wikitude is setting the plane for dragging different than how the model is displayed; the Z-axis isn't going along a surface, it looks like it's moving in and out of some angled Z axis.

Bumping this as I'm still experienced this issue. I've written various scripts (and used others online) to drag the tracked object to no avail - it acts very chaotic. My initial drag script worked perfect with the Pointcloud SLAM SDK when they were around.  They all work fine in the editor and with Unity Remote on my iPad.

Could you guys provide a sample scene in Unity of dragging a Wikitude object around? I'm sure it'd help others as well. Thank you,


Hi David,
An example project would be very helpful, THX! Simply send it to

Best regards

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