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Need to get access to the camera instance

Need to get access to the camera instance

As part of an app I am creating, using the Wikitude SDK, I will need to "freeze" the screen when the user chooses.

I need to have access to the camera instance created by the architectView. So then I can do something like 


is the camera instance accessible? can you suggest a way that I can do this??

The only method I can see accessible is captureScreen, but I do not want to store an image or splat an image into my view, I just need to simply freeze and unfreeze the camera.



Hi Luke,

Although we have the "freeze"-funcitonality on our feature-request list it is not yet available and not tagged with a release date yet.
Using snapToSCreen to capture the current scene and taking the image-data as source of an imageView is the only way to achive something similar.

Best regards,
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