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Android SDK Getting started Guide Not Clear

Android SDK Getting started Guide Not Clear


I've followed the Getting Started guide (, but your steps aren't clear, nor is full examples given in this page. I recommend you update your "Setup Project" page to include more code snippets.




Following the Examples documentation page now. There is a step that mentions the following but there is no "Preferences" item on the right click of what I assume you mean the project. Some screen grabs would help.


Right click the project folder, click Preferences and Android

Ensure you have very latest SDK (14+) checked in the Build Target list

Hi Eric,


thank you for bringing this to our attention. You are correct, these instructions no longer apply to the current versions of Android Studio. We will be updating the page accorgindly.

Meanwhile you can check these settings by accessing "Android Studio" -> "Preferences..." -> "Appearance & Behavior" -> "System Settings" -> "Android SDK" from the menu bar. Make sure you have an appropriate version of the API installed (14+).

Also, by right-clicking the project within Android Studio and selecting "Open Module Settings" you can specify the API version to build with.


Regarding sample code, I would suggest looking at the sources of the bundled example appliaction directly.


Best Regards

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