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Wikitude Phonegap plugin is not compatible with XDK?

Wikitude Phonegap plugin is not compatible with XDK?

This week i've been trying to get work the Wikitude Cordova plugin in an XDK project, but the XDK failed everytime to get a build from it (in an Android Crosswalk project). I found in the XDK forums someone with the same problem, and they give him the following answer:

"It appears that it requires the use of gradle in the build system. Unfortunately, for security reasons, our build system is incompatible with plugins that include gradle scripts. That is why this plugin does not work with the XDK." Source:

So, i was wondering how come that this plugin is compatible with XDK if the XDK developers tell that it isnt? Anyone had luck to get it work? Or I should use de Cordova CLI to work with Wikitude? Thanks!

I am having the same problem.

Is there a way to fix this?


Raffaele Colleo

Hi Raffaele,
Please have a look at my answer over here.

Best regards,


I tried to get Intel XDK working too with Wikitude and had the same error, would be great if this could be fixed.
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