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Utilizing Screen Capture with 3D Models

Utilizing Screen Capture with 3D Models

Hi there, 

It's my first post here, but I have been working with Wikitude now for a month or so. Right now, I am trying to utilize the screen capture functionality, combined with a 3D model on a target. I followed the SDK samples, and coded things almost identical in relation to the "Bonus Capture Screen" documentation, including the java files associated with them. I did have some luck with just regular image on target at least loading, but with a 3D model on target world, I just get the constant " Loading ..." in the div. I watch my Android Monitor, there doesn't seem to be any errors at all, either in the native code or the Javascript. I an wondering if using a combination of the activity extending  'AbstractArchitectCamActivity' and implementing the ViewHolder interface would cause any issues in regards to this? 

I'm not entirely sure where to look at the moment. I'll keep digging through things and seeing if I can find a problem, but curious if anyone else has had the same issue.



Hi there!
Maybe you already figured out the issue - Remote WebView Debugging is a great help when you are stuck in searching for an issue in native code which may then turn out to be a JS error.

Hope this helps,
Best regards
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