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Using PoI based AR with Android Studio

Using PoI based AR with Android Studio

Hi guys,

First of all Im new to both AR and programming in general, so I appologise if I cant explain things as clearly as youd like!

Basically Im doing a college project, and Im afraid ive bitten off a bit more than I can chew.  I have an application that scans QR codes when I press a button.  I wanted to add another button which will use location based AR to show where the buildings are on the college campus.  Is this possible to do using Android Studio with the Wikitude SDK?  Ive already managed to import the library, but Im struggling to actually implement it, or even where to begin.  I wouldve had some help at the college, but unfortunately the tutor that is specialised in this area has recently left.

I have looked at the documentation a bit, but Im not sure whats relevant for my project and what isnt, as Im only trying to use the location based AR.  If you can offer any advice or help it would be great and if you need any extra information or questions i will try to answer as best I can.



The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

As for your specific use case - displaying POIs then those samples should be what you're looking for:

Point of Interest

Retrieving POI data

Browsing POIs



Thanks for your reply, I tool a look at the examples.

Again this is probably due to my inexperience programming, but which classes in the example are relevant to the PoI example? 

In my current project, I only have 2 activities.  One which is the main UI design, and one which displays the results of QR scans. I'm just wondering how many more id need.

Hi there!

Please have a look at the SDK Sample application for more details.
The POI Samples require "" including "" and "". The SDK Samples asume that you have all the AR relevant parts in one Screen/Activity and that the ar-view is accessible via a specific id (compare layout of "sample_cam.xml").

I recommend you to first study the SDK samples and its dependencies and structure and then migrate the relevant bits and pieces to your project.

Best regards,

Thankyou for your help.. I will try and take another look over christmas.
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