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Markers Positioning (x and y)

Markers Positioning (x and y)


Is there anyway from the SDK to be able to determine the position of a marker, by this I mean the x and y of the screen, rather than the lat and long.

I am attempting to determing when a marker "hits" the center of the screen, or is in the middle of the screen.

The only way I can think of doing this so far is by using the users current location and the direction they are looking and then have to do loop of all markers to see if their lat and long crosses "a line" of lat/longs which will be "drawn" from the current users location.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone from Wikitude willing to offer any assistance with this?

Sorry for late reply.

Unfortunately is is not possible to query the coordinates of the object on screen.
I cannot prvide a realease date for this but we consider your query in internal feature discussions.

Best regards
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