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Architect View failing to create

Architect View failing to create


Upon running the SDK example it immediatly throws an error that it cannot create the Architect view.

This seems to be caused by the fact it cannot retrieve the camera service (java.lang.RuntimeException: Fail to connect to camera service)

This example was previously running on the device, I do not see any specific calls on onPause/onStop to release the camera instance.

I assume this would be handled in the ArchitectView.onPause but this does not seem to be happening (based upon the error receieved),  is there a manual call I can use to release the camera instance, etc?

Hi Luke,

I guess your Android Target SDK is 23 and you running the app on a Marshmallow device? Please use Android Target SDK version 22 or lower for now. We will update the Sample App with the next release to support runtime permissions which are needed for the camera and geo location.

Best regards,

Hi Simon,

Im actually running on a lollipop (5.1.1) and targetting SdkVersion 21.

After restarting the device I have not had this issue again.

However I have manually closed the app each time before restarting a debugging session, I think this may have caused it to jump out early and therefore not able to release the camera (???).

Thanks for the update.

Hi Luke,

excuse my assumption. Did you maybe switch fast between the camera app and the Wikitude world? We have a problem there because of the camera2 api.

Best regards,

When you say "the camera app" do you mean the device camera app and not a camera wikitude example?
I have not been using any other app on the device re-running the SDK example.

All I have been doing is tweaking the SDK and then pushing it change out to the device, via AndriodStudio, which causes the app to close and be reinstalled.

I have noticed that the app does "lock" out the camera while running.

Should the release of the camera service not kick-in on onPause, onStop, etc.??

Would be really useful to be able to get hold of the instance of the camera service so that I could then manage myself of when I want the camera service to be consumed...
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