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Show AR on barcode

Show AR on barcode

Hi guys,

I am new to wikitude and after a few hours of coding I finally got the barcode-scanner and wikitude running. The next step I want to do, is showing some AR-informations on the scanned barcode.

Is this supported by wikitude or is there maybe a workaround by taking a screenshot and use the image for the image recognition?


Thanks for your help :).

Best regards,



Hi Torben,

unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. In a future SDK version there will be a feature which will let you position augmentations on custom locations and the ability to update thise locations with every camera frame. The problem is all barcode scanner libraries that I'am aware of only produce the content of the barcode but not the position of the barcode within the camera frame.

The only workaround possible is that you create a target from the object containing the barcode. For example if the barcode is printed on a magazine page, create a target from the whole page, then the Wikitude SDK will be able to recognize the page and you will be able to augment it.

Best regards,
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