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vehicle shadow

vehicle shadow

I'm trying to place a shadow under a 3D vehicle. Unfortunately I didn't find a way to make textures with transparency for my fbx-files that are used by the Wikitude 3D Encoder. So a ground plane with a transparent shadow map within my 3d model doesn't work. My second idea was to use a ImageDrawable with a transparent PNG, but my tracking target has to be the wall behind the augmented vehicle and if I rotate the Image with:

roll: 0.0,
tilt: 90.0,
heading: 0.0

parallel to the floor, it hangs in the middle of the wall and I can't move it down to the floor, because offsetX and offsetY move the image only in the plane of the rotated image and not perpendicular. Unfortunately an offsetZ is not possible.

But that would be great!!!! (For VideoDrawables too! Sometimes videos that hover a little bit over the tracking target would be really nice!)

So back to my question: How do you make shadows for augmented objects? Will it be possible in the future to move videos and images along the Z-Axis?

Thanks for your help!


A semi-transparent texture should solve that use case. Can you explain or provide a screenshot depicting problem?

The second apprach regarding the rotation and offset of the ImageDrawable2D: Did you try different combinations, that is, different orders, of rotation, rotationX/Y and offsetX/Y? Using rotation and rotationX/Y yield different results. (But I would go for the first approach anyway, since here the shadow is directly attached to the 3D model.)

Hi Roland!

If I have a transparent PNG as texture for my ground plane object in the fbx file, Wikitude 3D Encoder displays the alphabetically next JPG-texture of an other object on the ground plane. How can I make transparencies? My texture für the shadow plane is:

If I open the fbx with this transparent PNG on the ground plane it look like this:

As you can see the texture of the black plastic parts of the truck is mapped on the ground plane instead of the PNG. If it is a jpg (like the one I would use in an alpha channel of a material) it looks like this:

And it should look like something like this but with transparency instead of the brown color on the floor:


What am I doing wrong?

Can you provide the FBX and the PNG file? Either via a link or email to

You getting a transparent texture within the Wikitude3dEncoder make sure that the "transparency factor" of the material you use for the geometry - in your caes the plane - is set to zero. 

In Blender you can achieve this as follows

- select the corresponding material and activate "Transparency" and set "Alpha" to 0.0 (see attachment), 

- select the corresponding texture and in section ?Image" activate ?Use Alpha (straight)?, and in section ?Influence? select ?Alpha? (see attachment).

This causes the transprency of the image file, i.e., its alpha channel, to be mapped to alpha channel of the texture.

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