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Wikitude Titanium Module v5.0.0 crashes

Wikitude Titanium Module v5.0.0 crashes

Edit: solved (see below)


wikitude.isDeviceSupported('IrAndGeo'); // or with parameter 'IR' resp. 'Geo'

crashes with runtime error under iOS and Android!


-: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x175bab10


Message: Uncaught Error: Invalid value, expected type Array.



By the way, using Titanium SDK 4.1.0 and above
results in several build errors under iOS :-(
Titanium SDK 4.0.0 works.

Edit: solved (see below)



crashes under Android with strange runtime error (under iOS this call works fine).

Message: Uncaught Error: loadArchitectWorldFromURL: Invalid number of arguments. Expected 3 but got 1

The documentation at is obsolete!

A look into the sample code from
(see and )
clarifies it.

1.) isDeviceSupported() requires now an array as parameter.

var requiredFeatures = ; // i.e.

var isDeviceSupported = wikitude.isDeviceSupported(requiredFeatures);


2.) loadArchitectWorldFromURL() takes now 3 parameters.

architectView.loadArchitectWorldFromURL(url, requiredFeatures, null);
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