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Android - Phonegap Plugin - Catch event BACK ANDROID BUTTON

Android - Phonegap Plugin - Catch event BACK ANDROID BUTTON

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after loading my world, I need to intercept the back button of the Android device.

I put the listener main index and it works.

But inside the AR World it is not working.

I can't put a button back.


How do I catch the event?


I'm using PhoneGap 3 and Wikitude phone plugin 4.1 (paid :))



Franco Rigoni


Did you make sure that the project is set-up corrctly and the versions you're using are compatible. Please check which Plugin version is working properly with which Cordova version here. If you found an issue with versions, please make sure to have e.g. Cordova updated.




the project i s setup correctly . 
Cordova is 3.7.1 , phonegap android is 3.7.2 and wikitude plugin is 4.1

The app works correctly and then "document.addEventListener("backbutton", function (e) {" in the index.js is working for all page except the html of the wikitude world.

When i press the Android button ( fisically ) the page is closed , but the events of bakbutton is not interpect.

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