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how is the numbers of "keyframes" in "animatedImageDrawable.animate" understand that i want to fade-in my image coming from some postion to another and bouncing back at the end to another some postion


//create a new AnimatedImageDrawable from an ImageResource and pass some setup parameters
var animatedImageDrawable = new AR.AnimatedImageDrawable(imageResource, 5, 40, 50 {
enabled : false,
offsetX : 1,
rotation : 190
// start playing the Animation, with keyframes 0-4, each keyframe is shown 10 miliseconds, and the animation is looped 10 times
animatedImageDrawable.animate(, 10, 10);



thank you

You must use spritesheets in order to use animated imageDrawables.
Check out the SDK Sample experience named "Sparkle Animation" for more details.

Best regards,
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