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Unity - Cloud Recognition not working

Unity - Cloud Recognition not working

I'm trying to use the cloud of wikitude on unity , but it dosen't work

This what I did
- I created a database and added some contents .
- Pressed on publish and copied "Client Token" and "Target collection id"
- In the Wikitude example , I deleted the ClientTracker , and added CloudTracker
- In the CloudTracker : Authentification Token = Client Token   (from my control panel)
                                Target collection id     = Target collection id (from my control panel)

- In CloudTracker -->Trackable--> Added WikitudeEye (Model)
- Finally , I switched to Android platform , Then build it to my device

- This message appear "Tracker Finished Loading"
- On , The SCANS increased and the IMAGES increased to "3"

But the WikitudeEye Model didn't appear on the image

What should I do ?

I'm Using : Unity 5.2.2 and Wikitude 1.0.1-1.0.0 (12.11.2015)

Thank you ....

i have same problem, WikitudeEye Model didn't appear. Any solution?

Hi Fadi,
Did you make sure that the target pattern in the trackable game object is correct? We did some internal testing and couldn't find an issue in this functionality.

Best regards


How can i Know the number of recognitions of my BD of targets?

Hi Benjamin,

Can you please clarify your question and what do you mean by saying "BD of targets"? If you want you can go to your license page to check the number of your scans. 
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