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loading wtc from URI

loading wtc from URI


i want to know how to load wtc file from my own server rather than from my "assets" folder, and my whole package using xamarin

i tried this .. 


// a Tracker referencing a patternset on a server
var tracker1 = new AR.Tracker("", {
  onDisabled : function(){
    //tracker has been disabled by the system
var enabled = tracker1.enabled; //true

// a second tracker, which will cause tracker1 to be disabled
var tracker2 = new AR.Tracker("");

enabled = tracker1.enabled; //false
enabled = tracker2.enabled; //true


but has somthing i couldn`t figure about the .zip pattern , how to make .dat and .xml 

and is it possible to load other componant from my own server too ? if yes then how ? 


thanks !


You'll need to reference the .wtc file -> referencing the .zip file won't work. So please unzip and put in the url to the .wtc file.


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