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Calls to Architectview not working after first execution

Calls to Architectview not working after first execution


I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I have some POIs in the architect view and I can change between different categories of POIs. Everything works fine the first time I call the activity that contains the architect view, but the next times when I try to execute architectview methods (javascript) nothing is executed.

The first time I launch the activity I can execute javascript methods with no problems.

I call architectview.onCreate, onResume... 

I am using first versions of wikitude, I am trying to update to latest version, does anyone know about a tutorial for migrating old wikitude projects to new version with Android Studio??

Any idea please?


Thank you in advance,


Hi Santiago,

Did you check the Android migration guides? If you're running on one of the first version, there might be several migration steps needed.



Thanks Nicola.

At last I solve it going back in my code to previous version and now it works, but I have another problem.

Activity es in landscape mode but it seems wikitude does not, so I can not see my POIs properly (they are rotated). I am looking for a solution as I suppose it's something simple, do you know how can i force everything to be in landscape?

Thank you!

Hi there!

The Wikitude SDK's AR-View is just a component in your screen/activity.
Your feature is more of a general Android question.
I recommend you to check out this post at stack-overflow.

Best regards,
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