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Best practices for complex animation

Best practices for complex animation

Hi! I have a challenge for a project:

When a user tracks and Image Target, I need to play an animation involving one of more objects. Like 01 rocket and 01 character.
The rocket will land, open the door and the character will walk out the rocket and then stop.

Can I achieve these results with Wikitude? Is the best way is to bake it all in one FBX or switch drawables in runtime?

I'm using Maya for the modelling and animation.


Yes, that s possible. It's more a 3d modeling challange, than an augmentation problem.

Since the time when the character should appear (after landing the rocket) may be hard to control from the JS code and since the character should be placed inside the rocket, it's safest to include both in one fbx file and create a single, long animation for that.

Advice: Try to model the rocket's landing by applying transformations directly on the scene nodes which hold the rocket parts (and not to use mesh deformers). This is currently work in progress and will be available only in future versions of the Wikitude3dEncoder.

Try also to develop iteratively, checking the visualisation in the Wikitude3dEncoder. There are certain types of animations which cannot be transformed to the wt3 format yet. If you encounter problems contact us.

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