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Angle of overlay

Angle of overlay

From the examples I've been able to find, it seems that any overlays - be they images, videos or 3D models - are flat against the target image. I'm trying to make an app that will display furniture models. The ideal way to do this would be to have a target image that could be printed and put on the floor in the room and the model displayed in a way that makes it look like the furniture is touching the floor.

Is this possible?

Hi there!

Nice drawing by the way.
Yes this is possible. Just have a look at the Sample application which comes with a 3D Model Sample. You just need to print the target in a propriate size and scale your 3D Model accordingly (compare JS API References).

Step by step guide:

1) Set up sample application for iOS/Android
2) Create wtc file using Wikitude TargetManager.
3) Exchange wtc file in 3D Model example with the one you created to see the 3D Model on top of your target
4) Update scale values of AR.Model in js file
5) Create own 3D Model out of fbx file of chair using the Wikitude 3D Encoder, which covertrs it into chair.wt3
6) Exchange car.wt3 with chair.wt3 in sample app (also update JS occurrence)

Best regards

That makes a lot of sense; I hadn't thought about rotating the model at the beginning, only based on user interaction. Thank you very much for the information and detailed steps.
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