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Android Callback when Channel has finished loading

Android Callback when Channel has finished loading

The problem is that using Wikitude Studio I can't implement custom js by my own so I have no idea on how to do that, do you have an example or a solution for this? 

Please this is really urgent, do you know if there's a possible way to do it with Wikitude Studio' because inside the app I just link to the channel url

Hi Lorenzo,

Sorry for inconvenience but this feature is simply not supported in Studio yet.
Note, that augmentation download is triggered after target was recognized, so the only asset that is loaded on startup is the tracker / wtc-file which is usually really small (approx. 30kB/target).

Best regards


Ok thanks, now i'm less worried,
We come from Junaio and its standard behaviour was to download everything (Markers + content) as soon as the channel was called, but Junaio had a callback that allowed us to show the users that the content was being loaded.

As far as I understood Wikitude Studio downloads only the Targets and then as soon as a target gets tracked it downloads the content attached to it right?
If that's the case it's ok, but it would be nice to have a callback in order to tell the users that something is currently being downloaded because for example if I upload a video on a target and the video weights 2MB or more the users will have to wait without knowing if the target has been tracked or not.


Thanks for your time,
best regards

Yes, Wikitude Studio experiences download augmentation content on demand and even show loading indicators/placeholders of assets during loading of some augmentations.
We plan to improve that in an upcoming release.
Note: You can also implement your experience manually, using the sample application as a draft. That way you can define custom loading callbacks but also define the way content should be loaded the way you envision it to be.

Best regards,


I've just implemented our Wikitude Studio channel inside our app and I have a question, is there a callback method which alerts when the channel content has been downloaded?

I call the load function this way:

this.architectView.load( this.getARchitectWorldPath() );

But I can't find a method to know when it has finished


Thank you

The phrase "content has been downloaded" is a very generic one - That's why there is no native callback for that in place. BUT: Its an easy thing to develop by your own: Simply implement the onLoaded-Callback functions in JavaScript and once all your ressources are available use document.location = "architectsdk://contentloaded" and intercept this event in your native iOS/Android code (similar to native Detail-Screen sample)
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