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Open links directly without button

Open links directly without button


I was wondering if there is any possibility to open an external URL directly without the need for the user to click on a Button.
If that's not the case is this a feature that will be included?

Thanks Thorsten


Feel free to use AR.context.openInBrowser method anywhere in your JS code.

Best regards,

Hi Andreas,

thanks for your reply, but that doesn`t solve my problem.
Maybe my question was not completely clear. I'm using the Studio to create AR-Experiences and my desired goal is opening a link directly without user interaction.
I already tried placing the javascript inside the html-widget, but that doesn't do the trick. So is it impossible or am I missing something.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I didn't get that it's Studio your're using.

In that case features are quite limited: It is yet not supported to add custom code to your studio experience. You may inspect the output html/JS files of your Studio project and apply some manual changes (without warranty).
We have your feature request on the list and work on it already but there is no release date I can share yet.

Best regards & Sorry for inconvenience.

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