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IOS app crashes when starting AR

IOS app crashes when starting AR

It works !!!!!!!

Thank you very much Frank, you saved my life ... i have spent a long time with this issue. Just in time for upload the App with Wikitude 5.

Thanks !!


For me it worked once.

On the second enter/exit it crashes with the same error for me.

Then there must still be present an instance that has not been taken into account. Look at the example of Wikitude, and check if the instantiation is unique and Dispose() is actually called.

I think that the implementation of Wikitude is not quite comprehensively. I think that an existing instance should be eliminated or used when creating an Architect View.

The problem is the C# Garbage Collector and the fact that the Wikitude SDK expects to be managed correctly and reliable since it is implemented in C++. That's why the xamarin application needs to make sure the memory is manged correctly and unfortunately you have to write some more code to get the garbage collector to do it's job as we expect in C++.

Best regards

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