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IOS app crashes when starting AR

IOS app crashes when starting AR

This is the error log:

F1020 14:23:49.317847 2670616576> Check failed: !IsGoogleLoggingInitialized() You called InitGoogleLogging() twice!

*** Check failure stack trace: ***

    @        0x1002444b8  google::LogMessage::Flush()

    @        0x1002452d8  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()

    @        0x100244804  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()

    @        0x100248954  google::glog_internal_namespace_::InitGoogleLoggingUtilities()

    @        0x100377714  wikitude::common_library::impl::iOSConsoleWriter::iOSConsoleWriter()

    @        0x10019eca8  -

    @        0x10019c0b4  -

    @        0x10019bfac  -

    @        0x100149a38  -

    @        0x188993610  <redacted>

    @        0x1889ab6ec  <redacted>

    @        0x188b3fd68  <redacted>

    @        0x188a4f430  <redacted>

    @        0x188a4f10c  <redacted>

    @        0x188a4f074  <redacted>

    @        0x18898eff0  <redacted>

    @        0x188195f14  <redacted>

    @        0x188190b20  <redacted>

    @        0x1881909e0  <redacted>

    @        0x18819007c  <redacted>

    @        0x18818fdd0  <redacted>

    @        0x1881894bc  <redacted>

    @        0x1833f3c30  <redacted>

    @        0x1833f19d4  <redacted>

    @        0x1833f1e04  <redacted>

    @        0x183320dc0  CFRunLoopRunSpecific

    @        0x18e474088  GSEventRunModal

    @        0x1889faf44  UIApplicationMain

    @        0x100142000  main

    @        0x19885e8b8  <redacted>

Hi Lorenzo,

Can you please over further details on the crash (crash log, stack trace) so we know the reason for the crash.

Thx and greetings


I've implemented the Wikitude SDK in my app in order to display my Wikitude Studio content inside my app. Everything works fine except for a thing, if I start the AR class then I go back to the home screen and finally I restart the AR the app crashes.
The crash occurs when calling:     self.architectView = ;

Does anyone know why does it happen and how to fix it?


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