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End of video after startVideoPlayer

End of video after startVideoPlayer

Hi all.... I have a problem with the function startVideoPlayer. Only under iOS.

The same code, for android works well. 

the problem is this:

I start a video by pressing a 2dDrawable (a Circe, but this is not important). this call a function that call

var vidonetopay1 = new AR.context.startVideoPlayer(parameter + "/" + url);


this image is before I click:


After click, the video start:


If I press "done" to to stop the video, the video end and I see the following

note that in the bottom, on the right, I see the triangle to show the console... and the console works... so the window is the right window but I can't see anything....

now I swipe down from the top, to show the info of the phone

...swipe up...

and all return ok.....

now I press again the button to see the video again... and after I stop the video the screen show this...

another time I swipe down

and after swipe up, all return ok...

and If I retry, the screen show always the red layer....

The situation is: at first time I stop the video after the app start, I have a black screen, and the next times, the red layer....

All this behaviour does not happen in android.... all works ok...

What's the problem?????


Thank to all






Same issue here, as well, loading urls in this manner also results in similar behaviour.

However, AR.context.openInBrowser(url, true), works as expected.




I got the same problem with my app.

The fix using AR.context.openInBrowser(url, true) works fine, but there is no "done" button, which is  really cool feature.

Have you been able to find a way to use 'AR.context.startVideoPlayer(url)'


with our current release of the SDK, the mentioned OpenGL ES 2 problems should be resolved. Please keep me up to date if you continue to experience these issues.

Best regards


I've got the same issue. When video finishes on iOS or click Done, it comes back to a black screen and sometimes it crashes. I've found that compiling with iOS8 I got this issue more times that with Xcode 7.3.1. Not sure why. Anyway, at the end it happens on both cases...







Hi Javier,
I wrote an internal bug report. We will investigate in this in one of our upcoming sprints.

Can you give us more infos about how to reproduce the issue?

Best regards,

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