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Unity example works, custom WTC does not

Unity example works, custom WTC does not


I´ve tested the Unity example (Wikitude_Unity_1.0.0_2015-08-27_09-12-37) and it works fine with the on my android device.

Then I´ve created and downloaded myown wtc with a two-star-rated image.

I picked this wtc in the dropdown of the clienttracker.

I´ve inserted my free License Key.

I´ve named the Product Name in Unitys PlayerSettings to match the project name of myTargetmanager project.

I´ve also named the Bundle identifier to include that projectname.


But the linked 3d-object (WikitudeEye as child of Trackable) does not appear.


Any ideas?



Hi Carsten,

Did you add the correct TargetPattern in the Trackable?

Thx and greetings


I used wildcard: page*

Hi Carsten,

Your approach only works if the target in the .wtc file is called "page". The TargetPattern must match the Targetname in the .wtc file to work as expected with the chosen Trackable. The wildcard approach is used if the target images would be called 'page1', 'page2'.....

I hope this helps. Greetings


Ah ok, now it works, thank you!

When will we get InUnityEditor-Preview?


We're currently working on improvements - if we publish this we'll let you know.


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