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Wikitude 3D encoder doesn't show textures

Wikitude 3D encoder doesn't show textures


I'm using blender to export a 3D model to .fbx and .obj/.mtl formats. The .obj is further converted to .fbx by Autodesk FBX converter 2013.2.

Autodesk's FBX review shows the models correctly with textures, but Wikitude 3D encoder doesn't show textures. Texture file is in .png format and the paths to it are correct.

Encoder doesn't show any errors, but the model is completely white. Any idea what could cause this?

Do you have a sample .fbx file in ascii format I could compare to my files?

Probably due to multi-textured 3d models. You can have a trial with these version of the 3dEncoder:


These do not support multi-texturing yet, but at least use the first texture of the texture layers. If you still can't see the textures, please send us your 3d model.


unfortunately the 1.2.77 version doesn't show textures either.

I'm attaching a sample 3d model.

Opening the sphere.fbx file in Maya does not show the texture either. I guess, the UV mapping is the problem since the color of the sphere seems to come from the texture. Setting pixel (0,0) to red lets the sphere appear in red. 

There may also be a problem with the light sources. Note that the Wikitude SDK and Encoder currently take only into account one light source of each type. 


I'm still unable to see the textures in encoder even I have only one light source.

When I define color for the material itself, the color is shown by the encoder and object is also visible in the Wikitude Studio.


I can see the objects in Wikitude 3D encoder when I remove all textures.

Another problem is the missing shadows in encoder. It is hard to see any shapes in objects since all shadows are missing.

I'm attaching a sample project. A cone with some shapes, but those are hard/impossible to see in encoder.
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