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locationChanged don't fire !

locationChanged don't fire !

Hello ,

Although I'm sure there is location change in android AbstractArchitectCamActivity and can get latitude & longitude values ..

locationChanged  method in JS don't fire most times ?!

Whats is possibly wrong ?!!

Hi there!

Whenever you fire setLocation in the AR-View, the onLocationChanged event is fired in JS.
Please try to e.g. trigger a location update every e.g. 5 seconds in native Android code and debug your webView (which sits 'insude' AR view) to get more information about possible issues.
My wild guess is that LocationProviders only fires when user moves some meters so in case you miss the very first event and test in WiFi no more events are fired/received.

Also note that the LocationProvider in the sample application is very basic. In case your application heavily relies on accurate user position I recommend you to use GooglePlay Services

Best regards

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