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3d encoder doesn't work. ASAP

3d encoder doesn't work. ASAP

Good day, i download 3d encoder - and couln't convert from fbx to wt3

"Your graphics processing unit (GPU) is incompatible to the rendering engine used in the Wikitude3dEncoder. Rendering 3d models can cause a MacOS crash and will therefore be disabled. You can still import 3d models and export them to convert them to the wt3 format."


it's on Mac



on Windows


doesn't see texture


what is problm?

As the message says, you can load 3D models in fbx format and them to wt3.
Only the rendering is disabled. The wt3 export works.
Either you use the 3dEncoder on a newer Mac computer, or you use the Windows3dEncoder.

Regarding the missing textures: Is there a warning displayed? 
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