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USB camera

USB camera


Does Wikitude SDK support USB camera? I mean is there way to select USB camera (specific /dev/videoX device)?

I have HummingBoard-Base board with Android 4.4.4 running. Logitech USB Web camera connected via USB host.  Camera works via USBWebCamera app.

But if I start SDK Samples -> 1. Client Recignition -> 1.1 Image On Target  it crashes.

Wikitude SDK 5.0.0.

Hi Sergey,

we never tried anything like this. I guess Android doesn't recognize the external camera like normal built in camera. Does the standard camera app work?

Best regards,

No. Built in cameras doen't use USB interface. So android.hardware.camera2 doesn't know about them. Looks like Android doesn't support USB camera on Java level. I have tried Googler Camera app and it doesn't work.

If a camera V4L2 (Video For Linux 2) compliant then kernel will create /dev/video0 or /dev/videoN (N is some number) device. Images can be captured from device directly on C/C++ level and functions exposed to Java via JNI.

I guess Wikitude SDK relies on android.hardware.camera2 interface. Is there way to use AR engine only? I meant to hook custom camera feed to Wikitude AR engine. For enterprise and industrial Android based devices USB cameras is better choice offten for number of resons. And AR demand is growing in this area. So it will be great if Wikitide SDK includes USB cameras support. Big potential advantage.

Hi Sergey,

unfortunately it isn't possible to use the AR engine only at this stage, but I will take note of your request.

Thank you and best regards,
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