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onError doesn't fire for Model/Video

onError doesn't fire for Model/Video


Ah ok - sorry I missunderstood the issue and didn't realize that the issue is already investigated.

We'll keep you posted.



I know it's a wrong path, I want to handle onError method, So path must be wrong to test it.

Although path is wrong, onError didn't fire, that is bug/issue in wikitude and Andreas said that they work on it.

Thank you,


From the error message you posted it sounds like that the model can't be found:

Wikitude SDK: Model failed to load. Reason: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found.

Please recheck the path to the model.




Model/Video path is correct, and it appears great, but we change this pathes dynamically, so I have to handle Loading Errors.

I used console.error("error occurred") instead alert, But all what I got was this: Wikitude SDK: Model failed to load. Reason: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found.

I test on iPad2 ( iOS 9 ) and iPhone 4 (iOS 7), both have same issue.

Thank you,

Hi there!

We are having a look at this issue. Please ensure the path to the model is valid + try using console.error("error occurred") instead of the alert.
If this doen't make a difference please post device and operating system information here so our tech team has everything in place.

Best regards,

I'm working on handling loading errors, It works on imageDrawable, But not on 3d Model and VideDrawable, "onError" function deosn't fire when url is wrong.

I use same code steps like on imageDrawable:

        return new AR.Model( modelPath, {

                            onLoaded: function modelLoaded() { World.completeObjectLoading; },

                                scale: { x: 0.09, y: 0.08, z: 0.08 },

                                translate: { x: 0.0, y: 0.05, z: 0.0 },

                                 rotate: { roll: 90.0, tilt: 90.0, heading: 90.0 },

                                 onClick : function(  ) { alert('click'); },

                                 onError: function( ) { alert('loading error') }


Same for VideoDrawable.

What's the problem ?

Thank you,
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