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onError doesn't fire for Model/Video

onError doesn't fire for Model/Video

I'm working on handling loading errors, It works on imageDrawable, But not on 3d Model and VideDrawable, "onError" function deosn't fire when url is wrong.

I use same code steps like on imageDrawable:

        return new AR.Model( modelPath, {

                            onLoaded: function modelLoaded() { World.completeObjectLoading; },

                                scale: { x: 0.09, y: 0.08, z: 0.08 },

                                translate: { x: 0.0, y: 0.05, z: 0.0 },

                                 rotate: { roll: 90.0, tilt: 90.0, heading: 90.0 },

                                 onClick : function(  ) { alert('click'); },

                                 onError: function( ) { alert('loading error') }


Same for VideoDrawable.

What's the problem ?

Thank you,

Hi there!

We are having a look at this issue. Please ensure the path to the model is valid + try using console.error("error occurred") instead of the alert.
If this doen't make a difference please post device and operating system information here so our tech team has everything in place.

Best regards,


Model/Video path is correct, and it appears great, but we change this pathes dynamically, so I have to handle Loading Errors.

I used console.error("error occurred") instead alert, But all what I got was this: Wikitude SDK: Model failed to load. Reason: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found.

I test on iPad2 ( iOS 9 ) and iPhone 4 (iOS 7), both have same issue.

Thank you,


From the error message you posted it sounds like that the model can't be found:

Wikitude SDK: Model failed to load. Reason: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found.

Please recheck the path to the model.



I know it's a wrong path, I want to handle onError method, So path must be wrong to test it.

Although path is wrong, onError didn't fire, that is bug/issue in wikitude and Andreas said that they work on it.

Thank you,


Ah ok - sorry I missunderstood the issue and didn't realize that the issue is already investigated.

We'll keep you posted.


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