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SIMPLE - My own App [HELP]

SIMPLE - My own App [HELP]
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I have been studying Wikitude and there is a big chance to buy a package in a near future. I am a newbiew with AR so I am sorry for anything wrong that I can say here.

However, I must have to be sure that I will have the chance to do what I want.

I need to create an own APP to read AR interactions.... I need an App for IOS and Android... I must say that I don't have big skills with IOS development or even Android. 

I just need an App that when I open the App (for instance, name: MyApp) the App will go directly to the camera view looking for objects with interactions. Is this easy/hard? Suggestions? Which package?

What about the AR contents? Can I create them all on wikitude studio?

Thank you very much.

Luís Almeida
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