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Xamarin - Android - architectView.setLocation not working

Xamarin - Android - architectView.setLocation not working

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to build a view where to display some POIs received from a webservice.
I sligthly modified the sample Android App that comes with the package i downloaded, replacing the sample world with the "Selecting pois" available on GitHub (4_PointOfInterest_4_SelectingPois) and editing the world to fit my needs.

When launching the app, the camera load correctly, but when i trigger the setLocation method in the Android code (setting a timer that every 5 seconds launches the function with a sample location) nothing is triggered in the view.
Manually launching the HTML from the browser and setting a location with the ADE correctly loads the POIs.

It simply ignore the setLocation command when launched from the code.

What should I do?
Let me know if I should post some parts of the code

Thanks in advance


Hi Daniele,

From the description of the sample it sounds like you're not using Xamarin - can you please provide details if you're using Xamarin. If you're referring to the Android JS sample app, then please check if the original sample without modifications is working correctly and make sure you understand the samples and which code to modify.

If the issue persists, please send us details what you changed together with the complete HTML code (js, html, assets, css...).



Hi Nicola, thanks for your answer.

I downloaded the Wikitude SDK package from Xamarin website (, then used the Android project under Samples.

I may be wrong, but I don't think the code is broken, as testing the functions manually from a web browser correctly triggers the events.
A you can see from the project I attached, I replaced the demo world in Assets/Samples with another one derived from the sample "5_ObtainPoiData_3_FromWebservice" (only noticed now that i mentioned the wrong sample in the previous post).

I only edited the "fromwebservice.js" file to call my server and get the pois (in the same format as the samples).

Thanks again
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