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Texture file appears instead of Model

Texture file appears instead of Model



I have a problem with the architect view : my model is not diplay correctly the 


The first time I launch the augmented reality function, my model appear correctly when my tracker appear. But if I quit the view and then come back, my model does not appear when I detect the tracker, what is very strange is that my texture file appear in the right top corner instead!


Has someone get the same problem? 

I have maybe a problem in the intialisation, but I really do not understand why because the same lines of code are executed in both case... 


I'll appreciate some help...





Can you please provide me with the following details:

- what SDK version are you using?

- on which platform is this happening (Android or iOS)?

- does this happen in the sample app or in your own app?

Please send me the complete AR experience (html, js files, assets, target images), so we can test this on our end.

Thx and greetings



I'm using

- Xamarin SDK Xamarin.iOS,Version=v1.0

- platform : iOS



So this is the version from our download page, which uses the SDK 4.1.1? If not can you please either update to this version or wait for the Xamarin component update which we're currently working on. This should be ready within the next weeks and will be based on the newest SDK 5 version.



Sorry, it is the the SDK 4.1.1 of the download page.


My app will be finished at the end the next week I can't wait the future release...

Any News about that problem?


The problem here is the garbage collection of Xamarin, which takes care of destroying the models. So this is not handeld directly via the SDK.

Can you please try to destroy the model before leaving the AR view and re-initiate it again once entering.

Thx and greetings


Ok, but How can I destroy the model?

Please check the destroy() method of the Model class.

It seems that destroy() does not work or I do not use it correctly... 


I try with some of your example and I have the same problem. Please can you give me an example that works fine with Xamarin?

Ok, It seems that Destroy() finaly seems to works, but I do not understand when I can call that function?

Any Suggestion?




I found my problem. 

In fact the problem, as said Nicola is that I did not destroy my model Correctly. 

I only want to destroy my model once I quit the ArchitectView, so in Xamarin (for iOS) I add this :

I found the solution to my problem, in Xamarin (for iOS) I code this function :

public void StopAR()


            if ( architectView.IsRunning ) {


                foreach (UIView v in architectView.Subviews) {

                    if (v.GetType().Equals(typeof(UIWebView))) {


                        ((UIWebView)v).EvaluateJavascript (" AR.context.destroyAll();");



                architectView.Stop ();

                architectView = null;




And I call stopAR() in ViewDidDisappear


I hope it will help some of you. 


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