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Compilation/Linking error

Compilation/Linking error

Hi, we created a POI app for a local Museum using Wikitude and following the instructions on your getting started guide for Android, it worked just fine. The next step was to recreate the app in IOS, we followed the instructtions on your gettting started guide for IOS but we keep getting compilation errors.

We followed the instructions on this page:, we got to the point of including the header "#import <WikitudeSDK/WTArchitectView.h>" (we included it in AppDelegate.m) but at that point it keeps giving the same 7 errors when we try to compile, it looks like an issue with the libreries we have to include no being compatible with the architechture. I commented the include on AppDelegate.m just to make sure that was not the issue and I got the same behavior. Maybe Im missing something and any help to find out what it is would be greatly appreciated, after I can compile we can run the example app a build ours from it.

Some screenshots of the errors attached.


Hi Alan,
You're simply missing the CoreMedia iOS sytem framework. Add it to your 'Linked Lirbraries' build phase and you're set.
Using the SDK in code might also work, since the compiler/linker then knows exactly which symbols are needed from system frameworks and which not.

Best regards

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