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Set altitude by distance

Set altitude by distance

Hi, can I set the altitude of a POI depending by the distance? For example, I would like to have something like this:

Instead of this:

Hi there!

Although your first picture looks so easy to mock it is a really complex topic.

Let's assume you have the perfect locationstrategy in place (check out e.g. Android Location Strategies) and most precise GPS signal in place, so you know the very exact latitude/longitude and altitude of the user. Also assume you have precise information of the position and height of the dome and building you're interested in.

That way you could create AR.GeoObjects in Wikitude SDK and achieve roughly what you plan. But: Taking the more common scenarion where compass and GPS are not 100% accurate - markers will be off a bit causing strange UX, especially due to user's vertical position (usually 10-20m off) and compass/gyro (few degress off will cause severe shift).

Best regards
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