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Missing options in example project?

Missing options in example project?

 I just started the samples project (SDK5), and while client/could recognition work like a charm, I can't seem to get access to the POI features? MainSamplesListActivity is unchanged from the samples download and looks ok to me, but once running it looks like this:

















any idea why I'm missing 4/5/6? they are definitely present in the assets/samples folder.


thank you in advance for any help!


The POI samples are not displayed on devices that do not support geo based AR. Please find details on the device requirements here.




Thank you for the quick reply Nicola!


Currently using these devices for test, the spec seems to be well ahead of the device requirements you linked?

I didn't know about this device, but I see there are 2 different versions:,BLU-Studio-X-Plus/phones/9081,9082

One has a compass, and the other one doesn't, so I suppose you are using the version without compass.
You can check it yourself, by using a compass app from the google play store.

BLU does offer two devices, but in our tests we found both lack the magnetic sensor required for the POI features. After switching to Motorola G3's, all POI features are working without issue, really good stuff. Thanks again Nicola and Gabriele!
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