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Unsupported wt3 file format version

Unsupported wt3 file format version


I am trying to add some 3d contents to my wikitude application, but any model I use escept for the model car in the example I get errors form Android Callback:

Unsupported wt3 file format version

Corrupt wt3 file

preparing wt3 model failed

I am currently exporting in fbx from Blender and converting to wt3 with the encoder (tryed collada but wikitude 3d encoder doesn't detect it)

i also tryed to use a FBX converter to convert the fbx file to a 2013 version.

what could be the problem?

Thank you for your support


Which version of the Wikitude3dEncoder and the SDK are you using?

The wt3 files created with encoder version 1.2 (from the SDK 5.0 bundle) are not backwards compatible. That is, you cannot use them in app which is based on the SDK 4.1.

encoder 1.2 -> SDK 5.0 -> ok
encoder 1.0 -> SDK 5.0 -> ok
encoder 1.0 -> SDK 4.1 -> ok
encoder 1.2 -> SDK 4.1 -> failure

Thankyou for your answer,

I was using the last wikitude encoder with the SDK 4.1,

now i am programming for android devices and i will download the sdk 5.0, but i will soon move to smart glasses that only support 4.0.3 versions, will i need an older version of the encoder? where can i get it?

Thank you

Your are right. For using 3d models in the "glass" versions of the SDK you will need to create wt3 files with the Wikitude3dEncoder version 1.0. You can find them here:
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